VF-900 Paper Cup Making Machine

VF-900 Paper Cup Making Machine’s has Open Cam Technology which provides stability and improves production. It also comes with automatic lubrication system and reduces damage by providing effective cooling mechanism. Despite of high speed execution this machine is very stable in nature and can produce 110-130 pieces per minute. You can also add a collection and counting table to run two machines together, thus reducing labour cost and production time.

Machine Specifications



Production Speed


Paper Cup Size

40 ml – 350ml

Machine Weight

1800 kg

Raw Material

140-250 GSM

Total Power

3.8 KW

Power Supply

50 Hz, 3 Phases

Space Required

150-200 Sq. Feet

Man-Power Required

1 skilled/1 unskilled

Machine Dimension

2600*1100*1700 mm