VF-700 Paper Straw Making Machine

VF-700 Paper Straw Making Machine has got PLC and Touch Screen using which all the working parameters can be setup on the control panel and machine can work automatically.

It has imported frequency inverter to control the AC motor, providing a more stable environment. It adopts separate electrical control box and input plug terminal, which makes the after sale service and repair easier. With Circuit System with Remote Control function, user can use a computer to monitor the operation of plant equipment.  It adopts double photocell for the paper straw length tracking e.g. this means when the straw reaches their length set by you, it gets cut off automatically. Double side glue coating devices makes the paper straw more sticky and stronger. Single disc cutter is used in cutting the paper core with high precision and less wastage.

Approximate Profit/Month : ₹ 300,000

PLC and Touch Screen Double Photocell
Double side glue coating devices High precision single disc cutter
Circuit System with Remote Control function

Machine Specifications



Production Speed


Paper Layer

2-5 layer

Wall Thickness

0.3-2 mm

Inner Diameter

5-12 mm

Power Supply

380 V, 50Hz

Total Power

15 kw

Space Required

500 sqft.

Machine Weight

2500 kg

Man-Power Required

1 skilled / 1 un-skilled