PP Spun-bound Non Woven Fabric Production Line

PP Spun-bound Non Woven Fabric Production Line is used for producing non woven fabric. The demand for non-woven fabric has increased since it is an environmental friendly material compared to plastics. Fabrics produced by this machine is not limited to making Non Woven Bags, but it can also be used in Health care industry e.g – surgical caps, protective clothing etc. This product is available in 3 models – VF-1.6M, VF2.4M, VF-3.2M.

Advantage of using this machine –

High Capacity Affordable Price
Excellent Quality Short Lead Time
Low Energy Consumption

Machine Specifications


VF-1.6M, VF-2.4M, VF-3.2M

Machine Size

17mx10mx11m, 17mx11mx11m, 25mx11mx11m

Fabric Thickness


Production Capacity

1800T/Year, 2800T/Year, 3600T/Year

Total Power Capacity

400kw, 450kw, 1600kw

Running Load

240kw, 270kw, 900kw

Cycling Water

50cubic meter/H, 55cubic meter/H

Water Supply Ability

5-10cubic meter/H, 1-15cubic meter/H