Long Surgical Gown Body Making Machine

Long surgical gown body making machine consists of several parts. They are as follows:

1. Material Rack Mechanism
2. Neckline Cutting Mechanism
3. Waistband Welding Mechanism
4. Folding Mechanism
5. Form Cutting Mechanism

The machine is fully automatic and there is no need for any manual operation. Moreover, only one worker is required to operate the machine. It is the first machine in the industry to realise that the nailing function can be turned on selectively to achieve the dual-use of one machine and two products. Hence, it replaces most of the manual processes.

  1. The machine affords simple automation. 
  2. There is an efficient computer control program. 
  3. There is a photoelectric detection device.
  4. Daily production is 4800-7200 pieces/day.

Automatic Disposable Protective Gowns Body Making Machine


10-15 pieces/ min

Control Mode


Detection Mode

Photoelectric Detection

Machine Size

7750 * 2800 * 2300 mm

Machine Weight

2750 Kg


220V / 380 V-50 /60Hz


7 KW