Bouffant Cap Making Machine

This fully automatic machine can work on both plastic as well as non woven material. At high speed, it produces around 250-280 pcs/min. The machine length is around 2900mm. Major parts of the machine are made of aluminium which makes it lighter and cleaner. Moreover, its speed is higher than before. The combination of ultrasonic fusion welding and electrothermal bonding makes the end products more comfortable and firm.

  1. This machine is automatic, the entire production process from the raw materials to the product counting is done by the machine. 
  2. The machine uses ultra-high power ultrasonic welding to fix both ends of the non-woven fabric. 
  3. The whole process requires only one staff member. 
  4. Automatic constant temperature control 
  5. Frequency conversion control speed regulation
Machine Type


Package Size

2900x820x1550 mm (LxWxH)


220-280 pcs/min




5 KW


220v / 380v 60 Hz