Bio Degradable Bag Making Machine

Varsha Fashions introduces Bio Degradable Bag Making Machine to it’s Bag Making Machine series.These machines are suitable for producing HDPE and IDPE, PLA, PBAT plastic, thus making the environment healthy. Machine has a servo motor discharge and photocell to track both the cutting and punching bag in “U” shape simultaneously.


→ The end products of these machines can be – vest bag, flat-rim bag, supermarket bag, plastic and bag garbage depending on customer’s requirement.

→ It adopts plc control, double servo motor with fixed length and the liquid crystal touch screen display helps in watching the feeding, sealing, cutting.

→ Machine has colour code, the machine can be operated with one line, two lines,4lines, double layers, production line.

→ The machine has photoelectric control feeding system, automatic temperature control system, electric static eliminating system, photo cell, automatic counting system.

Machine Specifications



Production Speed

60-140 pcs/min

Sealing and cutting width


Sealing and cutting length

300-650mm (This has to be confirmed by the Customer)

Sealing and cutting thickness


Total Power


Machine Weight

1200 kg

Overall Dimension


Man-Power Required

1 skilled / 1 un-skilled