Baby Wet Wipes Making Machine

The Baby Wet Wipes Making Machine has three parts. These are as follows:
Wet Wipes Folding Machine
Wet Wipes Packing Machine
Lid Applicator (SCARA)
Check out the details of the machine parts.

  1. Fully automatic
  2. Cost-effective
  3. High-quality finish 

Part 1: Wet Wipes Folding Machine

Product Type Wet wipes
Product Speed 250-380 cuts/min (3000-4500 pcs/min)
Suitable raw material air-laid paper, spunlace/ hot rolling non-woven fabric
Weight of raw material 40-80 g/m2
Folding way “Z” way pop-up and non-pop up
Cutting unit
  1. Double paper shelves 
  2. 10 Lanes or 12 Lanes, 2 rolls
  3.  Raw material roll width: 900-1000mm
Length of wet tissue 140-220 mm (setting via touchscreen)
Size of raw material (1000-1250) x 𝜙 1000 mm
Wet tissue unfolded size  (140-220) x (150-250) mm
Wet tissue folded size (140-220) x (90-110) mm
Material supply system Servo motor
Cutting System Converter motor
Piling System Servo motor
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Power 10 KW
Size of machine 10200x 3300 x 2000 mm
Weight of machine 5000 kg
Water Tank 400 L 2 pcs

Part 2: Full-auto wet wipes packing machine

Suitable to pack 40-120pcs/bag
Product Speed 30-60 bag/min
Diameter of raw film roll <=380mm
Width of raw film roll <=420 mm
Wrapping material PP,OPP, PET, PE and all suitable films
Shapes of packing Pillow type packaging
Packing length 100-300mm (touch screen setable)
Packing width 80-150 mm (adjustable)
Height of packing 10-100 mm (adjustable)
Horizontal sealing pattern reciprocation heat sealing
Drive motor pattern all servo drive
Control pattern Yaskawa MOTION control system
Operation interface 7 inch LCD
Horizontal protection Torque overload protection
Air requirements 0.5-0.8Mpa 0.01m3/min
Electric power requirements: 380VAC 50-60Hz
General power 7.6 kW
Dimension of machine 5410x1150x1900 mm

Part 3: Full-auto Lid Applicator

45-60 pcs/min (eg film length at 250mm)
Maxi. Packing film length: 300mm (the film length will affect the actual production speed)
Wet wipes package dimension (300) * (45-120) * (10-80) mm
Accuracy +- 1.2 mm
Voltage require 3 phases, AC 380V 50/60 Hz
Power 7.5 KW
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6 MPa, 1.0 m3 /hr
Dimension L 2000 * W 2650 * H 1650 mm
Weight 1200 kg