Baby/Adult Diaper Making Machine

This machine is responsible for producing regular, economic, and high-grade baby diapers in the I and T shapes. The waistband, frontal, and side tape are cut automatically while the extension of the rubber band can be regulated. This is a full-servo automatic baby diaper manufacturing machine. Moreover, there are 2 models the VI 800 and the VI 600.

Model Drive mode Speed pcs/min Weight in tons Capacity Machine Size
VI-800 Full servo 600-800 88 400 KW 32x8x5
VI-600 Full servo 500-600 78 360 KW 28.5x8x5
  1. Fully automatic packing machine
  2. Touchable screen to regulate the machine
  3. Rubber band extension can be regulated. 
  4. Easy maintenance
  5. State-of-art safety device

Baby / Adult Diaper Making Machine

Machine Color


Linear Speed

up to 450m / min

Production Speed

up to 1000 pcs/min

Product Dimensions

Width: 250-400 mm; Length 360-600 mm

Uptime efficiency




Electric power supply

220/480 Vac, 50/60 Hz 3 phases + N + PE (24 Vdc auxiliary)

Air Pressure

≥0.6mpa, 1.8m3/min

Total Weight

95-105 tons

Machine Size

30×5×3M (LxWxH)

Working Space


Machine Direction


Required crew

2 persons (1 operator+ 1 auxiliary)

Safety standard