Automatic Boot Shoe Cover Making Machine

The whole process is automated from feeding raw materials to the layering of products to counting products. The machine also has computer control and automatic tension control, hot hand electric welding, which can be debugged. Moreover, both ends of the shoe sleeve and rubber band can be fixed effectively. The whole process from raw materials to finished products can be automated. Only one person is needed to operate the machine. The technology for this machine uses computer-controlled thermal welding, thermal bonding mode, frequency conversion speed regulation, and the production of plastic PE material disposable plastic shoe cover.

  1. Very good quality products 
  2. Nominal price of the machine
  3. High-output
  4. Replaces manual shoe cover
  5. One person is needed to be in charge of the operations
  6. Automatic constant temperature control 
  7. Hot hand electric welding can be debugged
  8. Frequency conversion speed regulation



3.8 KW

Machine Weight

850 kg


220v/380v (according to customer requirement)

Product Size

400X160 mm (LxW) (other sizes can be made according to customer requirement

Materials used

Rubble band, non-woven material