How Are Paper Cups Made?

paper cup-making machine

India enforced a plastic ban on single-use plastics on 1st July 2022. Among the items banned were plastic cutlery like plastic cups. At present, the alternative to plastic cutlery is wood and paper. Hence, the popularity of paper cups. On that note, Varsha Fashions talks about paper cups and how they are made. Moreover, we are offering a paper cup-making machine that you can invest in and set up a business manufacturing paper cups.

The Steps in Which Paper Cups Are Made

Ever wonder how paper cups can hold hot liquids and not disintegrate? We’ll tell you how these are made so you can safely invest in a paper cup-making machine.

  • Raw Materials

The raw materials for paper cups are wooden chips. These chips are mashed into a pulp, which is then mashed into paper. Around 33 grams of wood pulp goes into manufacturing a single paper cup. After the pulp is made, it is bleached using chlorine, sodium hydroxide and other chemicals.

  • Making Pulp

The wood is cut is down and debarked. Then it is chopped into small chips. These wooden chips are put through a mechanical process and converted to pulp. The pulp is then cooked at high temperatures with sodium hydroxide and sodium sulphide.

  • Beating

The remaining pulp is put through a pounding and squeezing process. Other filler materials will be added such as chalks, clays, and titanium oxide. These materials will influence the opacity and other characteristics of the paper.

  • Pulp to Paper

The pulp is laid out and squeezed by rollers. This is done to draw the water out of the paper. Then the paper is passed over the steam-heated cylinders which dry it out further. Then the paper is wound into large rolls, smoothened and compacted by passing through metal rollers.

  • Coating

The paper is then coated with a plastic material to prevent the leakage of the liquid through the paper. This plastic coating is safe for food and liquid consumption.

Why Should You Opt for Paper Cup-making Machine?

Given the plastic ban, which is, in future, going to encompass all usage of plastic, this is the right time to invest in a sustainable business. This is an eco-friendly business which you can set up. Moreover, you can earn a comfortable profit from it as well. Paper cups, paper plates, and all these paper cutlery are the way of the future.

Wrapping Up

Hence, if you are looking for a paper cup-making machine you can choose to come to Varsha Fashions for the same. We will provide you advice on how you can set up your business, and earn a profit from the same. Get in touch with us today!