You do not need to be equipped with any technical knowledge to operate this machine. The installation process is completely hassle-free and will be done by the technician provided by Varsha Fashions. We will also be glad to provide you with free training session until you are completely satisfied with the machine. We can also provide you a machine operator if you require one.

Most of our machines comes with flexible power options for both single (220 volt) and three-phase (440 volt) power supply. For some models you may need commercial power supply.

Yes, we can provide bank loan facility. All you have to do a 35% down payment of the machine price and we will arrange a bank loan for your business. With this, you can comfortably start business.

Yes, off course we can supply machines all over India. Even we supply machines outside of India like: Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Oman.

We have a wide range of machines. Profit depends on machine type. Suppose, with paper cup making machine you can make up to INR 1.1 lakh per month and with non-woven bag making machine you can make INR 2-2.5 lakh per month.

It is totally depending on the machine type. Suppose for paper cup making machine, you just require a 150-200 square feet space to accommodate the machine.

All of our machines come with 1 year warranty. We assure you an excellent after-sales service from the day 1 of your booking. The machine is eligible to run on a low maintenance cost. So after 1 year you will have to spend a very nominal amount for its maintenance.

The requirements to start a manufacturing business is very minimum. To start the business you need GST and pollution certificate from the local authority which is very easy to accrue.

We import machines from South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. It is made with high-quality branded spares and components. The spare parts of this machine are fully available in the local market.

You can procure the raw materials from local market. Also, if you want we can supply you the raw materials.

Since the government continues to emphasize on promoting a green environment, the demand of disposable products are increasing day after day and it is unlikely to go down in the near future. But if you are still not sure about selling your product, from Varsha Fashions we do a buy back agreement in court paper. So, we will purchase all of your production until you find your buyers.