Paper Bag Making Machine

How Are Paper Bags Made?

Learn about how paper bags are made. Choose to get a paper bag-making machine from Varsha Fashions today and kick-start your entrepreneurial journey now.

paper cup-making machines

The 3 Different Types of Paper Cups

Learn about the 3 different types of paper cups, single layer, double layer, and corrugated paper cups. Ready to start your business in this domain? Consult with Varsha Fashions.

It’s Time to Use Eco-friendly Materials for Sanitary Pads

Here are some material replacements for the traditional sanitary napkin. If you are keen on setting up a sanitary napkin making business, do reach out to Varsha Fashions today. We have a range of sanitary napkin making machines that you can buy and start your successful business today!

4 Reasons to Use Paper Bags Instead of Plastic

Paper Bags will soon be replacing plastic bags in India. So, if you are looking for a profitable business venture, you can get in touch with us at Varsha Fashions and we will help you to set up a business in making paper bags.