Learn More About the 4 Layers of a Sanitary Pad

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Sanitary napkins are a common medical product used to absorb wastes during the menstrual cycle of females. However, the ingredients of a sanitary napkin are quite unknown to the general public. This is because these products are listed as medical items and do not require having their ingredients listed.

In case you are thinking of setting up a sanitary napkin-making business, and wish to invest in a sanitary napkin-making machine, here is a brief idea of the raw materials that are required to create the napkin. Read the details over here.

The 4 Layers of a Sanitary Pad

First, let’s take a look at the different layers of a sanitary napkin.

Layer 1: Fluid Transfer Layer

  • The functionality of the top layer is to transfer the fluid to the second, more absorbent layer.
  • The top layer should be dry so that it is comfortable to the wearer.
  • Previously, the pads were made of multilayer cellulosic material, but these did not have sufficient absorbing properties.
  • At present, this layer is made of thermoplastic fibre. At least 20% of the material should be hydrophilic to provide capillary action to pull the fluid down and provide comfort to the wearer.

Layer 2: Acquisition and Distributing Layer

  • This layer absorbs the menstrual fluid and draws it laterally, spreading it across the pad. It pulls the liquid away from the point of discharge and holds it down for the absorbent core to suck in.
  • This layer is generally made up of thermally bonded or air bonded composite non-woven material.
  • A sanitary napkin-making machine puts together all the parts of the pad.

Layer 3: Absorbent Layer

  • This third layer is made up of cellulosic pulp and not cotton, given the high price of cotton.
  • At present, the layer is made up of superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) and pulp to increase the absorbency.
  • The SAP polymer layer is placed between the pulp and the back sheet. Its position is so arranged so that it does not clog up and become heavy.

Layer 4: Barrier Sheet


This was an overview of the different layers of the sanitary napkin. If you are keen to buy a sanitary napkin-making machine to set up your own business, you can choose to get in touch with Varsha Fashions for the same.

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