The 3 Different Types of Paper Cups

paper cup-making machines

Paper cups are used widely in offices, parties, public places, and restrooms. These cups are disposable and are meant for single use. They are highly convenient for carrying liquids from one place to another. So, you can understand the importance of the humble paper cup.

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There are 3 types of paper cups, they are single-layer paper cups, double-layer paper cups, and corrugated ripple paper cups. Let’s take a look at the details of the same.

  • Single-Layer Paper Cups

These are made of cellulose paper with PLA (polylactic acid) coating. This PLA coating is made from bioplastic which is derived from renewable biomass. It is used primarily for hot drinks and cold drinks where ice is not used.

The internal PLA coating prevents the liquid from getting soggy with the liquid. It is also used to glue the seams of the cup.

While the paper is a poor thermal conductor, it is better to be aware of the hotness of the liquid inside, before you start drinking. Also, it is advisable not to use ice in cold drinks, because of the temperature difference between the outside of the cup and the inside which causes condensation, which makes the paper cup lose its rigidity. Check out our range of paper cup-making machines if you want to enter this business.

  • Double-Layer Paper Cups

This is essentially a paper thermos as there is an air gap between the double layers of paper. This thermos keeps the hot liquids warmer for longer. Also, the cup does not heat up outside and prevents the burning of your hands.

  • Corrugated Ripple Paper Cups

The material of this paper cup has a single layer of paper and PLA coating. It is used primarily for hot beverages. The walls of the paper cup have 3 layers of paper and a relief structure on top. These cups have the lowest conductivity out of paper cups. Also, one does not feel very hot touching the cup as the protruding parts of the cup are in contact with the hands. You can choose the paper cup-making machine from Varsha Fashions to create the same.

Wrapping Up

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