How Are Paper Bags Made?

Paper Bag Making Machine

Paper bags have been around since the 1800s. These bags were used to carry presents and small parcels and were not used for heavy use. However, with the arrival of plastic bags, people were sucked into using these non-biodegradable bags much to the detriment of the environment.

A paper bag-making machine is responsible for producing paper bags at an industrial pace. It is a machine that can produce around 30-220 pieces per minute. This is one of the more popular machines that are sold by Varsha Fashions. We encourage entrepreneurs to purchase these machines and create paper bags for mass use.

Step-By-Step Guide by Which Paper Bags Are Made

Here we give you a detailed idea of how a paper bag-making machine creates and makes paper bags.

  • Step 1: Gathering the raw materials

Paper is made from pulp which are small shavings of wood. These, along with water are some of the raw materials. These paper shavings have to be dried for a minimum of 3 years and are then cooked into a pulp using intense heat and pressure. As you can note, this is an energy-consuming process.

  • Step 2: Pressed into Flat Sheets

The pulp is then spread into thin sheets or rolls of paper. A paper bag-making machine is used to roll out these sheets. Post that the sheets will be cut to size. The size we choose is twice the height of the paper.

  • Step 3: Complex folds

If you want a flat-bottomed paper bag then you need to introduce complex folds in the bag which can also be done by machines. This helps the paper bag to stand upright. Furthermore, the handles of paper bags are usually stuck on with glue later on.

Why Do We Use Paper Bags?

Paper bags are used primarily because they are useful to carry small items around. They are reusable bags which means that they can be used multiple times.

However, the production of paper bags is not very easy. It requires close to 1 gallon of water to produce 1 paper bag. But apart from this, creating paper bags is very useful for the population at large. Plastic production will be curbed which means the non-renewable resource will be conserved. Paper bags can also be recycled which means that old paper bags get a new lease on life.


Varsha Fashions is one of the best producers of paper bag-making machines. If you want to start a paper bag company then you can reach out to Varsha Fashions for a consultation. We will help you to kick-start your paper bag-making business.